Hunting Giant Bull Moose and Grizzly Bear in Alaska

Hunting Giant Bull Moose and Grizzly Bear in Alaska

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The weather conditions that have halted Ian Harford and Steve Wild's hunting adventure have finally improved and it's now time for some hunting giant bull moose and grizzly bear in Alaska.

Welcome to Hunting in Alaska - Episode Five.

The dramatic change in weather continues to cause problems at camp, (Click her to watch the previous episode of Hunting in Alaska.

This is a great opportunity to check out any game movement. It isn’t long until Ian spots two young moose bulls sparring in the distance. They also believe they get a glimpse of a brown bear feeding. As the team discuss their approach, the unpredictability of the weather brings in thick fog and once again halts their plan.

The next day and the poor weather conditions are still delaying any progress. It’s another morning in camp for the team as they busy themselves with essential chores around the camp.

As the day draws on the weather improves, it give Ian and Steve the opportunity of glassing their surroundings and with some luck, spot some elusive game.

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