5 Inventions Great for Camping - Can it Get any Better? #5

5 Inventions Great for Camping - Can it Get any Better? #5

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Five more inventions for camping to add to your wish list.

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Father Nature Outdoors Integrated Camping Blanket. Father Nature Outdoors has designed an Integrated Camping Blanket that is ideal in three seasons and surpasses traditional camping comfort. Its design is adjusted for camping or backpacking; the FNO camping blanket can even be adapted to the climate. Tack on the fact it can be used with nearly any sleeping pad, and its versatility saves the user money on purchasing additional equipment such as partnering sleeping pads, sheets, and cinch cords. Take the comfort of a quilt and add on utility + versatility like no other product on the market, and you have the FNO Integrated Camping Blanket. http://www.fathernatureoutdoors.com/

The Hero Power 2 Go - 1800 Watt Electric Generator. The Power2Go is a battery powered mobile generator delivering 1800 watts of silent power when and where you need it. http://heropower2go.com/

The Wildland Scout Backpack The Ultimate Bushcraft Rucksack. YNOT's Backpack is designed to be adjusted to carry different gear. From camping, hiking, hunting, bushcraft, climbing or traveling. Joe Robinet - As seen on History Channel's Alone and his own YouTube Channel 'Joe Robinet Bushcraft' with over 70,000 subscribers! Joe worked with the team at YNOT in Toronto, Canada to extensively design, prototype and test the WILDLAND SERIES. Drawing from YNOT's 7 + Years of experience in making durable outdoor and travel gear that last a lifetime and Joe's experience in bushcraft and survival, we have created the Ultimate Bushcraft Rucksack and line of accessories that work to transform and shape the pack to your specific needs. https://goo.gl/1iA5Ok

Solarpad: Ultra-Lightweight, DIY USB Solar Charger System. A solar USB charger for hiking and camping that you can modify any way you want. Optional 3350mAh USB battery regulates solar power. http://www.solarcyclepower.com/

The SPARtool features a 6"x 8" shovel head with integrated chopping edge, saw blade, and bottle opener. The 1075 carbon steel and Zytel handle is topped with a flat pry bar, hammer, and 4" pick that functions as a handle for digging and sawing. the total tool length is 22", and the weight is 2 lbs 15 oz. http://spartool.com/

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