Alaskan Razor clams are a LOT of work

Alaskan Razor clams are a LOT of work

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I thought I knew what I was doing. I believed I was ready to do this, what I found out though was that Alaskan Razor clams are a LOT of work!

Last week I took a trip to the other side of the cook inlet and went clam digging with my fishing partner are the results!

Oh, and we had an INCREDIBLE trip hahahahaha

I am a complete novice builder who grew up in sunny California and thought it would be an awesome idea to build my own off grid cabin on raw land in Alaska...what could go wrong?

I have never built a thing in my life so why not a house? OH! and I can live in a trailer while I do it....and work full time! Did I mention that I am out of shape, over weight and 60? What could go wrong?

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