Getting ready for Kenai sockeye salmon! #salmon #kilt

Getting ready for Kenai sockeye salmon! #salmon #kilt

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For the next 365 days (I started May 17th, 2020) I will be wearing a kilt in Alaska. Yes. In winter too. What kilt do I wear? Why, a Utilikit of course! you can find them here:
American made utility kilts for everyday wear!

A few new things as of 2020!

I have created a Facebook page for the channel so that those that want to follow may do there as well. My goal for this page will be for deeper one on one conversations with you folks as well as a place to let you know when I have new content and information about the channel. You can follow me here:

I also have an Instagram account where I share loads of Alaska inspired pictures , these include the beautiful scenery in my part of the state as well as grilling images (not responsible if you get hungry seeing these)
For Instagram go here:

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Finally, do you have something to say but you are not one to put it in the comments? you can always send me an email here:
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That is all I have for you for now....More changes and improvements coming soon!

Thanks as always!
Sean in Alaska